celeste rose

by wicked pine

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this album was recorded by one girl alone in a garage with broken instruments, skateboards, and pillows.


released July 17, 2011

thank you to j. oliver stellfox for lending his garage and interface and skateboard.



all rights reserved


wicked pine Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: hallel
hear me.

i have tried one thousand years to swallow all my own tears.
i have not even been near to conquering all my own fears.
Track Name: casket
beating against my ribs,
speeding my heart into this.
carried away, by the words at play.

my strength, had no length.
man rejects me, point blank.
this answers why, emotions sang.

i held hope in lies.

this is one thing i had forgot,
place my heart in this coffin fully locked.
dead to my flesh, so it can waver not.
coffin guard my heart now that its caught.

in here i will wait, where it is:
in here i will wait, where you:
revive my soul till eternity's gate.
Track Name: for leaf
deeply i wanted to shout, but when i tried only a sigh came out.

deeply i wanted to love, but when i tried all i could do was cry.

i am sorry i couldn't love you.

i am enslaved

how can we lust through the night- as if we have not seen the light?

help me love You.
Track Name: dead man's teeth
i heard you were a good man,
but tell me about your soul.

behold: your soul.

salt was sent to dry
the water-logged insides
of the cripple ear
so that it could hear.

but if i am salt
why cant I halt
the water running
into your ears?

behold: your soul.

i have seen destiny manifest in little trees.
and even when i do not believe is does not mean that it cannot be.

and i have seen you little dear and i have bled some hopeful tears. So that one day you may fear what is near.

the smoke stains. on your teeth.
they are testament to defeat.
that your bones are dying.
while you are lying.
convince yourself it doesn't tie in.
while the angels are crying.

love is crying.
inviting you to dine in.
but you have denied it.
but you are still invited.
Track Name: since stubbornness
i have lost my opinion.
Track Name: open
your love never changes.
your love changes me.

i went out into the woods.
i came back who i should.
i ran into a coyote.
he told me he had no hope.
my mind was a flint.
i told him to take your hand.

Track Name: return
i came out of my mamma's womb.
soon i didn't know what to do.
then you showed me, the mornin' dew.
you told me it, it was you.
thats how i know you are true.

but you are still a mystery,
a sweet mystery.
in spite of me, i love thee.

oh be with me sweet mystery.